Author Michael D. Husser has over 21 years of experience as a professional broadcast engineer and supervisor in the US and Canada, in the regional and national television network markets.  Employed for 15 of those years at NBC,  Michael worked his way up the ranks to become an editor for the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.  Upon retirement, however, he was faced with having to choose what to do as a secondary career.

Deciding to go back to college as an older reentry student, Michael devised a system which helped him earn three college degrees (two Associate, one Bachelors). Graduating from UC Berkeley with his degree in American Studies, Michael also received his CA teaching credential and began working as a high-school Social Studies teacher.   The system is now a book entitled HUSSER’S HINTS FOR COLLEGE SUCCESS, a compact informational tool written for first time and re-entry college students, created to assist them with registering, applying for financial aid, learning how to study effectively, and understand the college and university process.

Michael trusts this book will be useful to any student seeking higher education.